Goldwell is an exclusive hairdressing partner for more than 60 years. With experience, know-how and an unbridled passion for colors Goldwell support hairdressers in 40 countries worldwide in their daily work. Thanks to the innovative technologies, the products do not harm the hair and thus guarantee optimal results.




KMS California is a hair care for individuals, with their diverse products, you express the uniqueness of your style. Behind the products is an innovative and patented technology: IOPS - Inside Out Perfecting System. This care system contains highly effective nutrients, their regenerating and nourishing substances to penetrate deep into the hair! Basis of KMS products is the unique combination of natural ingredients and highly effective care substances that act harmoniously with IOPS systems and ensure visibly healthy hair ... the ideal foundation for an original and individual hairstyle.

COLORANCE - a semi-permanent hair color without ammonia and acidic pH for intense and lasting color with extraordinary shine. With natural tones you can achieve a natural gray coverage (up 75%). The patented Intralipid technology provides clean, smooth and shiny hair. Be inspired in advising more than 60 mixable shades.


TOPCHIC - a permanent colorant.

The TOPCHIC color system offers the security of a more successful and creative hair color: stunning and exceptionally intense, brilliant colors that last long and are reproducible at any time. An absolute gray coverage and maximum protection for the hair. Be inspired in advising more than 100 mixable shades.

Now we offer Kerasilk the first customizable KERATIN TREATMENT service with 100% perfect results: tames unruly, frizzy hair.


- Reduces waves and smoothes the hair structure,

- Significantly reduces daily styling time.


Hair like silk for up to 5 months.

COLORANCE a semi-permanent colorant
without ammonia and
without acidic pH!


I use Goldwell for 12 years, since this entity enters into any compromise on quality and only works with professional hairdressers. Through continuous research and development are regularly new, innovative products to the market.


Mélanie De Icco,

Managing Director, K-STYLING


Nectaya was created in 6 years of intensive research with allunserer passion for color perfection. The result: 7 patents pending - & a unique technology combination that nourishes the hair - for noticeably healthier hair feeling.


· Intensive nourishing color without ammonia
· Noticeably healthier hair feeling
· Exceptional gray cover rich colors · Reliable - up to 100%
  • Without ammonia

  • Uncompromising full performance spectrum of a permanent color: Up to 100% gray coverage and lightening up to 3 levels 

  • First permanent color with patented Intralipid: fills nonmissing lipids inside the hair back on a sustainable

  • Up to 91% ingredients of natural origin *

  • Finished with intensive nourishing argan oil

  • Cosmetic cream consistency

  • Simple two-component system


 Elumen is an innovative and extremely powerful hair color, ammonia free and no oxidation. For outstanding gloss, rich, brilliant colors and lasting durability. The acidic base protects the fibers and achieved without oxidation, a long-lasting color results. Nearly a range of colors offers an endless variety of colors.


"The products of the Elumen-range are free from ammonia, non-oxidative and gentle to the hair."
  • Up to 76% more color intensity compared to oxidative permanent hair color. 

  • The color is still intense even after 10 washes.

  • 37% more shine than a comparable semi-permanent colorant.


The new Men Reshade Hybrid Foam Technology combines for the 1st time the uncomplicated application of a foam with the natural results of an oxidative color technology.

"The most masculine way to reduce gray"
  • A color service as easy as shampooing

  • The color components are mixed in the special Men Reshade applicator bottle. 

  • Is simply applied at the sink as foam on her hair.

  • In just 5 minutes, gray reduces.

Kerasilk provides the first individual hair smoothing Keratin Treatment Service. Many people suffer from uncontrollable and frizzy hair. You must spend a lot of time in a day hair styling.


- Hair structures are different and hair condition varied so that the individual needs of demanding personal service. - Kerasilk Keratin Treatment Service provides manageability of the immune and unruly hair.


- Keratin treatment facility to soften the curls and smoothes the hair structure. The effect lasts up to 5 months in her hair.

KERASILK - From hair-raising to Fabulous Hair: Discover the ultimate transformation

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