Let K | STYLING accompany your wedding day!

The best route to a perfect wedding hairstyle. In order not to ruffle her hair, a geisha must learn to sleep on a so-called "Takamakura" a type of headrest. This is the only way to prevent the coiffure is crushed during sleep ... Fortunately, you have other options to be styled perfectly on the most beautiful day of your life!


Whether creative, chic and glamorous cuts or classic updos with small ringlets - our hairstylists dominate the entire bandwidth. K | STYLING Coiffure Zurich has countless ideas, so that they appear on this special day with a perfect hairstyle and radiant complexion in the best light. Be it a wedding in summer or winter: neglect no detail to make you look elegant and sophisticated and feel comfortable.


Your Wedding Make-up: simple, sophisticated and elegant

The makeup must be simple, refined and elegant and are perfectly tailored to the wedding dress. Do not hesitate to have to try several makeups. Do not forget, however, that a wedding make-up is different from that for everyday wear or a New Year's party. What is needed are simplicity, sophistication and elegance!

Select the bridal hairstyle that suits you.

They have long and natural hair and want romantic curls? You will wear a veil? There are also a variety of creative approaches for short hair, such as shiny hair clips, a tiara or a tiara, flower or motif accessories. Even a hair band is often worn nowadays.

The 4 stages for your wedding hairstyle

1. The Inspiration
2.The analysis of style

Check out the gallery below and get inspired . Here we present our favorites . Bring photos of your favorite hair styles with the drawing-room , so that we understand your taste and be able to implement your desired style better .


Discuss obligation about your ideas, your dress and your favorite hair styles with our hair stylists and makeup artists . Show us analyze your haircut and make- ups and the accessories that you want to wear , so that we can create the style that suits you best .

3. The creation
4. The 'D' Day

According to the analysis of style , make an appointment where we try out the hairstyle right the first time and set out all details, such as the volume , the height , the cut, the accessories. This is an important moment of anticipation!

Everything is ready , defined and elaborated . Now you need only arrange the rendezvous for the wedding day . We will allow plenty of time for the hair and the makeup . If you wish, we can provide a refresher of makeup and / or hairstyle at a later time of the day , for example, during the meal ...

Our packages for wedding hairstyle,
make-up and manicure:

1. PACKAGE Cinderella
Style Analysis + creation of the hairstyle + 'D' Day execution

Fr. 187.-

2. PACKAGE Kennedy
Style Analysis + creation of hairstyle and make-up + 'D' Day execution Fr. 374.-

3. PACKAGE Elisabeth
Style Analysis + creation of hairstyle , makeup and manicure + 'D' Day execution Fr. 424.-


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